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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take?

The typical one, two or three car garage requires only 1 day.   If extensive damage is present, an additional day may be required. Regardless of floor condition, it never takes long to get a premier garage floor finish.

How Does This Differ From An Epoxy Paint Kit?

The short answer is the garage epoxy paint kits sold at the big box stores are really just glorified paints.   Our garage floor coatings are industrial grade polymers designed for high adhesion and high performance.   

How Long Until A Vehicle Can Drive On The New Garage Floor Coatings?

Under most conditions, vehicular traffic can return in 24 – 48 hours after completion. Our staff will give you a specific date and time based upon the system installed and current weather.

Does My Garage Need An Epoxy Moisture Vapor Barrier?

Typically, an epoxy moisture vapor barrier is unncessary. Properly constructed garages that are at or above grade will have a vapor barrier under the concrete slab. So, moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) will be very low.

Garages that are below grade or located in geography that has high water tables may have a high MVER, but often the issues can be mitigated by leaving the control joints (saw cuts) open.